MOWG Installation - Example (Test) Page

This is the generic index.php page!

If you see this page by visiting your subdomain, then your zip file is installed correctly -- Congratulations!

Now, we need to see dummy values for the items below.
To do that, we need to login to the Admin Panel to upload 3 Excel files. Click here: Login to Your Admin Panel here
Use admin and mowg to login.

Now, on your computer... from the MOWG Software (downloaded), go into this folder:
MOWG Addon --> Excel-Files-for-MOWG --> Finished-for-Reference

See the 3 numbered Excel files? We will upload those to the 3 sections you find inside your Admin Panel (in the topbar), from left to right.
So upload 1-Base.xlsx to: Global Variables
Then upload 2-KeyFiles.xlsx to: GV Key Files
Finally, upload 3-BatchGV.xlsx to: Batch GV

Now it's time to check the installation!

If you see those dummy values appear in red/bold, you know that the Database is correctly installed:


CITY: Birmingham
SERVICE: Key Services
KEYWORD: Key Replacement
PHONE: 123-456-7890

* Obviously, the values above are defaults, and we can change them at any time.
But if you see the values in red/bold above, it means that the database is correctly installed -- Congratulations, again! You're ALMOST finished with the installation...

The final checks! (Is your sitemap live? And do the links click through?)
To see, we want to visit this link: Check Your Sitemap Here
* If you see links on the sitemap, then again we get to say -- Congratulations! You have gone through all the steps to make pages live!
Now, just click any of the sitemap links. If the sitemap is working, then any page you click on will open, and look just like this page, EXCEPT that the DUMMY VALUES will be different values on each page. :)
(All right! Now that you know it all works, you can totally overwrite this page with your own index.php page, for your own website, and create 1,000's of geo-targeted keyword-based webpages with the sitemap.

Learn how to use it for your own projects by watching the training videos at